Sunday, February 20, 2011

We're Back!

Ok, now that I've been enmeshed in school for a year and a half, I feel like I finally have enough of a handle on things to devote 10 minutes every couple days to discussing current events with the interwebs. As such, I'm bringing back The Money Speech. For those of you who have missed my flurry of questionably insightful comments, this is for you. For the rest, well, you probably didn't read my blog anyway, so we're all set. So, sit back and enjoy as I occasionally pepper your brain with disconnected thoughts on what's going on in the world today. Because, frankly, the world's too f*cked up these days not to comment on it. (This is a family blog)

To get us going, I will simply offer a rambling tirade about these protests in Wisconsin:

You know what Wisconsin public servants? Grow up. Right now. Seriously, I'm tired of this sh*t. You pay way less toward your health insurance than practically anyone in the private sector. You get a defined-payment pension which no one gets anymore because it's a fiscal disaster of an idea. "You mean we actually have to contribute something to our own retirement account? How unfair." Yes, time for you people to start acting like grownups and actually pay for some of your time past age 55!

Here's the bottom line, and this message is for all my friends who fall asleep at night dreaming blissfully about getting sick in Canada. If you want the government to provide something, get ready for the government to actually make decisions for you. You want them to provide schools? Get ready for education to become a matter of public opinion. You think teachers' benefits getting cut is bad? Take a trip down to Texas where voters have decided that the entirety of science can be learned from the first ten pages of Genesis. Another vocal group down there wants to teach children that America was founded by a poor black child from Mexico City.

Wait, why stop there? Now that the government is going to be more entwined with healthcare than ever before, we have Republicans redefining rape so that they will have to pay for fewer abortions. Isn't democracy awesome? But it's so great that we've put the government (a.k.a. idiot voters) in charge of all this.

Boy that felt good. I'm glad to be back.

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  1. Yeah, dude, shit's gettin' real. I really hope Ron Paul gets the nomination for the next election; he's basically the only politician I like and he's remarkably consistent in his voting record.