Monday, July 18, 2011

Government Efficiency

My good friend A.J., who is currently proudly serving our country, sent me this delightful little anecdote:
I had to get a new hat because the Army changed from berets to soft caps. Then without warning, they moved up the date of the change, so instead of having a week to get one, I afternoon. The military clothing and sales store on post that sold them was sold out of all usable sizes, and wouldn't have any more in for another week. After that week, I'd have to get rank sewn on, which currently had a 3-day wait. So I was basically stuck without the new hat I needed for about 2 weeks. Except that on the day I needed the hat, I walked into a small Korean alterations store, found an abundance of said hats, and got the rank sewn on in about 5 minutes. Whole thing was probably 50% cheaper than the process on post, as well.
What is the moral of this story?  Yes, the government is a grossly inefficient bureaucracy and the military is no exception. But I think there is a more pressing issue here: 60 years later, Korea is still kicking our ass.


  1. It really pains me that military and other 'right-wing' aspects of government spending seem to be off the table in negotiations.

  2. Kyle, we can't cut the military, the Libyans need our help for three or four more decades.