Wednesday, April 22, 2009

His Royal Barackness, King of Corporations

Holman Jenkins writes the "Business World" column for the WSJ, and he always has some pretty humorous and generally useful insights. Today's column pokes fun at the fact that Barack is acting like a monarch, and discusses the debacle of GM in this context. The article is worth reading for its descriptions of the various ways Barack is ensuring GM's abject failue under the guise of helping it along. But I particularly enjoyed the jabs at His Majesty. Like this picture:
[Business World]
I also enjoyed this paragraph:
King Barack could take a leaf from St. Jimmy the Simple, who faced a collapse of the railroad industry. He signed the Staggers deregulation law, returning power to the industry itself to decide what services to provide and which customers to chase. What had previously been an industrial basket case, halfway nationalized already, fixed itself almost overnight.
That would be Jimmy Carter, in case you didn't know.

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