Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To Clarify My Point

I feel I should respond to Kendall's comment on my previous post, because he makes a few excellent points. Yes, the government's new and expanded ownership of GM and Chrysler is a very bad thing, existentially speaking. The Obamanons will have no problem lavishing favors on their new territories, attempting to stifle any competition from Ford (unless it, too, starts hurtin' for some gov'ment lovin') as well as all the foreign producers. Americans may be left with no financially sound choice but to purchase environmentally friendly, unoffensive, unsafe, Yugo-esque government-issue wagons.

When I stated that I thought this development was a good thing, I meant that in a more PR-ish way. I prefer the open tyranny of socialist ownership of business to the silent tyranny that has been running rampant. The secret blackmailing of bank executives, followed by the public excoriation of said executives for doing exactly what they were forced to do. The public "aid" for auto manufacturers accompanied by increased fuel-efficiency regulations, which I'm sure help with that cash flow problem. Maybe my optimism about the open federal ownership of these companies is simply due to my weariness from the underhanded backroom dealings that have become governance-as-usual.

Right now I'm optimistic that out-and-out socialist government ownership of GM and Chrysler can shock people into opposition. When I have no option but to drive a tin can on wheels that can only run on corn juice, I will probably lose said optimism.

Thanks for the comment, Kendall. And, of course, Boilermakers are always welcome on this site, even thought IU is better.

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