Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Yesterday, His Majesty said in an interview that he aspires to a "light touch" when it comes to government intervention into the financial industry (article). Apparently, Larry Summers, one of The Chosen One's top economic advisors said in a speech the other day, "No, we're not socialists." It is in this type of scenario when one might say that actions speak louder than words. That is, except when your words get as much media attention as The Obama's.

Obama said, "The only real regulatory approach I've been interested in is raising fuel-efficiency standards so we can wean ourselves off dependency on foreign oil. Beyond that, the last thing I want is to be running a car company..." That, and little things like hand-picking members of the executive team and board of directors, but those aren't such a big deal.

Team Obama seems to have a pretty good system worked out. Instead of making a philosophical case to the nation for their policies, they simply carry out their policies and publicly deny that they're doing anything out of the ordinary. Observe:
1. Control a car company
2. "We don't want to control car companies"
3. Control a second car company
4. "We don't want to control car companies"
5. Give car companies more money
6. "We had to, otherwise they'd go bankrupt
7. Organize out-of-court bankruptcy
8. "We had to, otherwise the bankrupcty would be messy"

The concept of an "orderly" bankruptcy is a funny one, and yet administration apologists have been throwing it around a lot lately. "Orderly" is code for "make sure our friends don't get the short end of the bankruptcy stick, even though their claims are subordinate to those belonging to people who aren't our friends."

Just another example of the bullshit that is obfuscating our path to destruction. But otherwise, I guess it's been a good week.

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