Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Indiana Pension Fund Stands Up for Bondholders' Rights

In what might end up being a stunning blow to Obama's constant efforts to annihilate the concept of individual rights, the Supreme Court has put a stay on Chrysler's sale to Italian car maker Fiat. The suit was brought by Indiana pension funds, major Chrysler bondholders, who are claiming that the Administration's orchestrated bankruptcy plan for Chrysler elevates junior debtholders above secured, senior debtholders. This claim is quite true.

The Obamanons have been involved in a systematic reorganization of justice in this country, whereby the deserving subsidize the undeserving. If you saved money and didn't go into reckless debt, sorry. Obama's upping your credit card fees and your mortgage rates so that deadbeats aren't "unfairly" punished in debt markets. Did you run your business well over the past decade, building goodwill and a reputation for sound business practices? New regulations will make sure that your claim to any strategic advantage over your competitors is wiped out, and by the way, you need to take government money so your faltering competitors won't look bad to the capital markets.

Hopefully, the Supreme Court will rule that the Chrysler deal is invalid, and Chrysler is liquidated, rewarding senior debtholders first, as any minimal recognition of property rights demands. Encouraging is the penion funds' lawyer commenting that GM bondholders have contacted him about working on a similar suit for them. Hopefully, both groups will get the bankruptcy proceedings they merit as debtholders, and not the pandering backroom dealing we've come to expect from His Majesty.

Update 6/10: The Supreme Court gave the Chrylser sale the go-ahead. So much for bondholder justice.

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