Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Management Bitch #1

Sorry my writing is beings spaced out a bit more lately. This week is heavy on the exams. Which brings me to my post for today. In studying for my management exam (organizational behavior, to be specific) I find myself forced to memorize a litany of useless, repetitive terms in order to do well on the test. Now, I have a deep respect for management studies in many respects, but the let's-make-ourselves-sound-important vocabulary that management intellectuals devise sends me into convulsions, especially when I am expected to regurgitate it tomorrow morning. Here are some of my favorites; see if you can tell what they are or if they are good or bad:

Efficiency Diversity
Repair Service Behavior
Goal Inversion
Management of Cues
Anchoring and Adjustment
Fundamental Attribution Error (No cheating, this one's obviously bad)

Alright, go memorize these and the quiz will be tomorrow. Don't bother finding out what they mean. I just want you to vomit them onto a sheet of paper like I have to in the morning.


  1. hmmm... Edw. Locke edited the Blackwell Handbook on this very subject. Might be a useful resource...

  2. Goal Inversion made me laugh.

    At a recent career fair, the only position that one of the consulting firms was hiring for was "Human Capital Analyst". Man, business people make things sound so nice.

  3. This is like Dilbert. It's the shit I have to deal with in BUS K 201 lecture.